Freedom over Fear -when running out of toilet paper has a whole new meaning

What in the world ya’ll? This is crazy. The words “Corona Virus” were barely on the periphery of my mind. I mean, I “heard” them but felt so far removed that it seemed like it was just another thing “imported” from China. But then,quickly, it hit the fan and there was no toilet paper to show for it.

At first, I was in no hurry. I had 6 rolls and of 5 members in my family, only 2 of us are girls,so I figured the odds were in my favor, but “maybe” I should go get some since people were getting all cray-cray. Upon not finding ANY TP or tissues in several stores, I felt like I was being hazed into the crazy COVID-19 sorority. The day I went into Aldi and the meat shelves were bare, the bread gone and people with carts full had the look of preparation for the Apocalypse, I started getting real uneasy.

I began following the news- a not so great past time for one who deals with anxiety on a near regular basis. I watched the numbers increase and those colored circles all over the globe broaden. When the president addressed the COVID-19 as a world pandemic and declared a state of emergency, I admit my soul began to become fearful as I began to calculate the economic fall out that would inevitably happen from nation wide business shut downs and consumerism coming to a halt. I began to envision food shortages, internet failing, seclusion from the outside world and information, terrorists capitalizing on our nation’s vulnerability while hospitals and graveyards filled with masses. Who was cray-cray now, huh? This virus became the forefront of my mind and with it came fear.

My state (Alabama) was one of the last to be hit and fortunate enough to have a low number of cases to date. Because of the opportunity to witness what was happening in many other states, our governor and state officials were quick to shut down all schools, events, large corporations, and churches with more than 500 in a service. Still the panic is ensuing.

Where do we go with all this (not regarding the possibility of being quarantined in our homes)? Let’s remember we have a refuge in God and in His word. I wanted to type Psalm 91 because it is a great source of comfort. This is going to be long but is really the only words that matter in this post. I have italicized phrases that have stood out to me.

Psalm 91

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
    will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
This I declare about the Lord:
He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;
    he is my God, and I trust him.
For he will rescue you from every trap
    and protect you from deadly disease.
He will cover you with his feathers.
    He will shelter you with his wings.
    His faithful promises are your armor and protection.
Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night,
    nor the arrow that flies in the day.
Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness,
    nor the disaster that strikes at midday.
Though a thousand fall at your side,
    though ten thousand are dying around you,
    these evils will not touch you.
Just open your eyes,
    and see how the wicked are punished.

If you make the Lord your refuge,
    if you make the Most High your shelter,
10 no evil will conquer you;
    no plague will come near your home.
11 For he will order his angels
    to protect you wherever you go.
12 They will hold you up with their hands
    so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.
13 You will trample upon lions and cobras;
    you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet!

14 The Lord says, “I will rescue those who love me.
    I will protect those who trust in my name.
15 When they call on me, I will answer;
    I will be with them in trouble.
    I will rescue and honor them.
16 I will reward them with a long life
    and give them my salvation.

It comes down to this, throughout all of history, mankind has faced many pandemics but none have ever out powered Almighty God and His sovereignty. Nothing is going to happen to us that He is not completely in control of. He is a deliverer, a provider and our eternal victory. He did not sacrifice His own son so that we might let the fear of the “what if” rob our inner peace and joy. If you’re like me, you may need to continue throughout the course of each day reciting scripture of the promises of God’s presence, protection and provision. As we exercise our faith muscle, we really will grow stronger in our ability to fully trust in the Lord and in the power of His word.

If you haven’t already downloaded the YouVerion Bible app or another one comparable, do that now!! These are awesome resources that let you type key words (fear, protections, safety, trust, hope, etc) into that little magnifying glass and wha-la bunches of scriptures pop up. God often does give me a promise directly in His word as I touch “paper” pages, but these Bible app resources are truly amazing. They are a quick way to find the scripture you need.

If you are looking for some hope and the promise of God’s word during this precarious time, I hope you will find helpful the link attached below. This was our Sunday service “via” online from March 15, 2020.

‘Till next post, peace my friend, peace.

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