A little bit about me…

Hi! I’m Kerry, the one who lives here. Thanks for visiting this blog of mine. I exist to make you feel better about your life by showing you the imperfections of mine! I live in Birmingham, AL with my husband, 3 kids and A LOT of to do projects around my house and in my life.

Yes We Live Like This was born after I gave up on a blog where I was trying too hard to duplicate all those other impressive blogs.  Looking at the state of my home and life one day, I realized that it was time to be authentic and that maybe, just maybe, there were others out there whose lives looked less like Pinterest and more like mine :

The messy house in need of repairs
The marriage in need of maintenance
Mom guilt
Financial struggles
GMO, non-paleo, meals
Bodies showing the mounting flaws of age
A spiritual thirst that yearns for a connection with God

Real life is hard, but we’re not left here without hope and answers. Whatever situation we’re in and however far we are from where we want to be, God’s got us. He’s not stepped out while we try to pull it together. He’s not rolling His eyes at our mess, He’s in it with us. Don’t forget that the Bible is basically a continuous chronicle of how He loves and works best with “fixer-uppers!”

As you look around on these pages, it is my hope that you will find encouragement and inspiration for your heart and your home.